Cedar Grove Christmas Trees has been a driving force of change; demanding higher standards and pioneering new production and transportation techniques, ensuring our customers are buying a product that shadows all others. 

A Destination

The team at Cedar Grove Christmas Trees has proudly served Northern New Jersey for three generations.  We are one of New Jersey's oldest and largest retail Christmas Tree lots.  

A tradition

“It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition”. -Henry James

We stress the importance and value of family, charity and our history.  Whether it’s donating a truckload of trees to be distributed in underprivileged neighborhoods or partnering with local food banks to ensure the children of needy parents still have a Christmas tree, we stay involved.  Our family is involved in every aspect of our business and we are involved in our community.  This is our tradition and we are happy to share it. 

A memory 

Grab a hot chocolate, bundle up and come visit us.  The sweet smell of Balsam and Fraser fir fills the air from the moment you open your car door.  Christmas music, the sound of chainsaws, old-fashioned string lights and a floor of wood chips create the most idyllic of settings.  Bring your camera, take your time.  We'll even cut cut an "ornament" off the bottom of your tree to write the year on!

christmas trees 

Carefully sourced and delivered weekly throughout the season.  A new industry standard. 


Balsam Fir or Fraser Fir, every wreath we sell is hand-crafted with love.  


The freshest and most festive!  Bring a bit of Christmas onto your table with our centerpieces or around your door with our Fraser garland.