Christmas Tree Delivery + Setup Services

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Douglas Fir Delivery

Sought after for their soft needles and picture-perfect full shape, our Douglas Fir Christmas trees will bring an elegant look to your Holiday decor.  Grown on a plantation in Northern Pennsylvania and harvested in small batches throughout the season, your tree is brought to you at the peak of freshness.  Fill your home with the strong, distinctly sweet, citrus aroma of a Douglas Fir.

Proudly Grown in Pennsylvania, USA

Fraser Fir delivery

Our Fraser Fir Trees will be the centerpiece of your holiday memories! Known for their excellent needle retention, sturdy branches, strong aroma, and blueish-silver needles, the Fraser Fir is considered to be the most exclusive Christmas tree grown in North America. Our Fraser Fir have been carefully grown at elevations over 3,000’ in the Blue Ridge Mountains and sheared by hand to ensure heavy density and a picture-perfect shape.

Proudly Grown in North Carolina, USA