Rocco Malanga 


To his family, Rocco's passion for Christmas Trees was evident at a very young age.  As a small child, he would beg to go to the "Lot" and wrestle trees that were 3 times his size, the same place his family has been selling Christmas Trees his entire life.  Rocco is the second generation owner of Cedar Grove Christmas Trees.  Relationships he has developed with small, family farms have driven Cedar Grove Christmas Trees' reputation to be synonymous with quality and value.  

Under Rocco's leadership, Cedar Grove Christmas Trees has offered support to local charities, food pantries and The Girl Scouts by donating over 1000 Christmas trees in recent years to these organizations.  
Rocco is a bible student and active in his church, he is married and has two small children, who he hopes will inherit his passion and love for the business he grew up in.

Michael Malanga 

vp, operations

Although Michael says that his real job is just being Rocco's brother (which we hear is somewhat challenging), this is just one part of his multi-faceted responsibilities.  Michael is behind-the-scenes in many areas of the business.  His focus is  

Michael is completing his Master's in Business Administration at The University of South Florida.   

tom lydon 

dir, sales

Tom joined the Cedar Grove Christmas Trees family in 2007 and quickly demonstrated his unique ability to connect with our customers.  Tom has leveraged his extensive background in sales to develop many new initiatives including summertime farm trips for our wholesale customers.  By far, the most feedback we receive is regarding Tom and his interest in finding unique solutions to challenges our customer face by his genuine interest in learning their business and being present when they need him.